Covalently Interconnected Three- Dimensional Graphene Oxide Solids

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Covalently Interconnected Three- Dimensional Graphene Oxide Solids

Show simple item record Anantharaman, M R Parambath, Sudeep M Narayanan, T N Aswathi, Ganesan Shaijumon, M M Hyunseung, Yang Sehmus, Ozden Prabir, Patra K Matteo, Pasquali Robert, Vajtai Sabyasachi, Ganguli Ajith, Roy K Ajayan, M M 2014-08-01T05:26:19Z 2014-08-01T05:26:19Z 2013-07-11
dc.description ACS nano,VOL 7,issue 8,pp 7034-7040 en_US
dc.description.abstract The creation of three-dimensionally engineered nanoporous architectures via covalently interconnected nanoscale building blocks remains one of the fundamental challenges in nanotechnology. Here we report the synthesis of ordered, stacked macroscopic three-dimensional (3D) solid scaffolds of graphene oxide (GO) fabricated via chemical cross-linking of two-dimensional GO building blocks. The resulting 3D GO network solids form highly porous interconnected structures, and the controlled reduction of these structures leads to formation of 3D conductive graphene scaffolds. These 3D architectures show promise for potential applications such as gas storage; CO2 gas adsorption measurements carried out under ambient conditions show high sorption capacity, demonstrating the possibility of creating new functional carbon solids starting with two-dimensional carbon layers en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Cochin University of Science and Technology en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher American Chemical Society en_US
dc.subject graphene oxide en_US
dc.subject 3D solids en_US
dc.subject CO2 adsorption en_US
dc.subject chemical cross-linking en_US
dc.subject reduced graphene oxide en_US
dc.title Covalently Interconnected Three- Dimensional Graphene Oxide Solids en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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